Cancellation/Delay Policy

The event may be canceled or delayed due to causes and conditions beyond the event director’s control, including, but not limited to, venue closures for failure, acts of nature, localized emergencies and government restrictions.

Conditions that WILL lead to event cancellation/rescheduling:

  1. Weather conditions that could reasonably create unsafe travel for participants or spectators.
  2. An event in the immediate area that may pose a safety/security concern to participants or spectators.
  3. Direction from local / federal health official(s) that does not permit a reasonable number of attendees to gather for a safe event.
  4. Venue conditions or issues that present unsafe conditions for participants or spectators.

Conditions that WILL lead to a delay:

  1. Setup issues that prevent the successful start of an event. This includes final safety inspections and equipment failures.
  2. Spot severe weather that will clear the area immediately around the time of start.


In case of delay or cancellation, teams and volunteers will be notified by social media posting to include posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram from official @FIRSTRGV accounts.

Makeup Date

If the event is canceled, the makeup date (if applicable) and location will be communicated on the FIRST RGV website and notifications will be sent via social media and emails to registrants. There is no promise to give a makeup date; especially if timing for next level advancement conflicts.

Refund Policy

We will make every effort to ensure that events proceed as planned. At times, we are unable to accomplish this due to issues out of our control. Refunds for specific events will be governed by our RETURNS POLICY and at the discretion of the Board of Directors for FIRST RGV, INC. on a case by case basis.