Welcome to Team News

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This is something new and nothing is currently available.  This space was created for teams to give them a place for them to tell their story. Teams are encouraged to post anything relating to things that may be of interest to others in our community. Once the post is approved, it will be transmitted to all of our FIRST RGV social media outlets.

Specific things we would like to see:

  1. Outreach opportunities. Tell us about the great outreach you are doing
  2. Fundraising activities. Tell us about the fundraising ideas, activities and successes you’ve had
  3. Spotlights of your team members. Tell us about the members of your team.
  4. Spotlight your mentors / coaches. Tell us about your amazing coaches and mentors
  5. Spotlight your awards and recognitions. Tell us about the awards you get and any special recognition.
  6. Anything else that would be important to share with the community… Tell us

Extra information:

The picture you upload will be the picture that everyone sees. Please make sure it is a nice picture that represents the story you are telling. The picture must be at least 200×200 to be transmitted to social media.