Register for Unified Robotics

You are just minutes away from joining the largest robotics group in south Texas. We are excited to have added Special Olympics – Unified Robotics to our program offerings through our partnership with Special Olympics.

Please make sure you know that this program partners normal education students with students that have a special need. More specifics on that can be found at

There is NO CHARGE associated with participation but teams must have their own robot, attend a regional event and be a registered “Special Olympics – Unified Champion School

Please let us know a little information so we can customize your registration experience for you. If a school district or other organization will be responsible for paying your registration fees, please make sure to complete all of the billing information so we can get the invoice out to them. If you know of an email address to send invoices to, please indicate that so we can do that instead of regular mail.

If you are a FIRST team and are interested in adding a team, please contact us. The system will not allow you to have different accounts unless you use a different email address. We are working on the ability for you to add a Unified Robotics team to your profile but for now, it is a work in progress. FIRST teams that are mentoring, supporting and actively working with teams need to document that involvement in their Engineering Book / Portfolio.